Sales Idea

ccccBecause the application of the Sendzenmer Series Roll is influenced by the working situation of many factories,the long-term cooperation between our customers and our company in its application is absolutely necessary link for the application of the Normal Rolls.

ccccOur striving aim is to improve on our products continuously and satisfy the most critical consumers.

xxxxIn 12bet娱乐 opinion, the key point for the product sales must be the service, but not only let our products leave our factory.

12博官网 will keep to the following sales principals:

1.As for any potential customers,once they have the probation demand for our product,we will organize the production according to the product materiaal quality and drawing provided by our customer to use in free of charge.

2. As for any customer’ s order intention,we will comprehensively and scrupulously consider the quality of the raw material,the dimension,processing precision,technical demand of such kinds of technical factors,give the final quotation of our product to present the service ideal let our customers’every cent worth its value”.

3.As for the 12博官网 customer that has no demand for the raw material but has demand for the product performance,out company will be in charge of developing and tryout the new material,or recommend the fitful material to manufacture the product to satisfy our customer’s demand.

4. As for the customers overseas,because our company has no right to export our product at present,our company will recommend the agency with good trust to these customers,or connect and cooperate with the agency that pointed by our customers